Women's Physique

Women's Physique was created to give women, who desire a physique that holds a little more over muscularity than figure, a platform to display their artistry and compete against others who share the same desire. 

In Women's Physique, Judges will look for athletes who display beauty flow, symmetry, clear muscular separation, full muscle bellies and balance between the upper and lower body. Women's Physique Competitors have 9 mandatory poses, quarter turns included. An prejudging routine and finals routine will also be performed by athletes.

Front Relaxed

A Women's Physique Front Relaxed Pose should display a small waist, broad/round shoulders, muscular quad sweep and a good v-taper. To achieve this look, we begin from the ground. Heels together, toes angled out. Hips pushed back and up to elongate the abdomen. Keeping the chest up and shoulder and flared out to show shape within your torso. Arms will be hanging off of your lats naturally,


 In the Quarter Turn Facing Right, your feet should be even and planted side by side. Weight should be on your toes, flexing quad sweep and glutes. Your hips should face the wall while your torso is contorted facing the judges. You want too expand your back and point your elbows toward the front and back of you. Core tight and chin up!

Quarter Turn Facing Right
Shanique Grant Rear Relaxed_edited.jpg
Rear Relaxed

In the Rear Relaxed, you want to display a broad, thick look while maintaining a small waist and clear muscular separation. Heels shoulder be together while toes and knees are slightly angled out. Keep a small bend in the knee while pushing and tilting your pelvis back and up. Fully expand your lats and set your arms in front of them to appear as wide as possible. Tilt backwards to give judges a straight on look.

Quarter Turn Facing Left

The Quarter Turn Facing Left will be exactly like the Quarter Turn Facing Right but opposite. Feet together and facing sideways. Knees and hips will also face sideways while the torso is turned toward the judges. Stay fully expanded and make sure you are rotating through the ribcage. Both elbows pointing in front and behind you.

Front Double Bicep

The Front Double Bicep is one of the, if not the, most important poses in Women's Physique. There's many different ways to hit the Front Double Bicep but as seen here; Keep most of your weight on one leg while extending the other. Push your heel and toes through the ground and push hips slightly back. Bring elbows to shoulder level and flex the biceps. Keep core right and lats fully expanded.

Side Chest

In the Side Chest, you want to show a full thick chest. Starting from the ground, begin facing sideways with your weight on the rear leg. Extend the near leg and plant toe into the ground, while lowering your body by bending your rear leg. Now, extend the arms placing one hand on top of the other. Flex and push the chest out while keep shoulders behind the chest to avoid from narrowing your shape and losing depth.

Rear Double Bicep

The Rear Double Bicep is one of the hardest poses to hit. It takes a lot of flexibility and muscular control. Start with your feet shoulder width and staggered. Spike one foot to flex your calf. Flex your hamstrings by curling the ground up to you. Keep your hips tilted up. For the upper body, bring arms to shoulder level and flex biceps. As your tilt back, rotate your shoulders externally to directly face your back and arms to the judges.

Abdominal Thigh

In the Abdominal Thigh, you will start with your weight centered over your base leg with the other extended as shown. Slightly angle both feet outward to display shape in the quads. Drive you feet into the ground to flex quads while allowing that drive to push your hips back. Bring your arms up and place hands behind head. Expand your lats to show your V-Taper and crunch your abs down.

Traditional Side Tricep

This is a Traditional Side Tricep Pose. It mimics the Side Tricep pose used in bodybuilding but also like bodybuilding has many variants. You will start with your body turned sideways. Your far leg will be your base leg. Put most of your weight on it while spiking the close foot and putting enough weight on it to flex the quad. Sit and bring your hips down while locking hands behind your back. The hand closes to judges should be turned down. Flex the tricep and open up torso toward judges.

Side Tricep

There's multiple ways to hit a Side Tricep. The version you use is dependent on which fits your physique best. This isn't the traditional way but can still be used. Shanique keeps her body sideways while staggering her feet. She keeps her weight evenly distributed between both legs while slightly bending the knees and flexing the close facing quad and far facing hamstring. Extend the arm closest and flex tricep while placing the far hand on the hip.

Alternative Side Tricep

This is an Alternative Side Tricep commonly used in modern day Women's Physique.