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Men's Physique

In Men's Physique, Judges will be looking for proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition.

There are two main poses in Men's Physique. A front pose and a back pose. At the amateur level, Competitors will perform 3 poses (front/back/front) and (if desired) 2-3 transitional poses within a 15 second routine. At the professional level, competitors may perform as many poses desired as long as it includes a front and back pose. Routine times may vary depending on show size.

Front Pose

There are many different ways to execute a Men's Physique Front Pose. This example shows IFBB Pro Brandon Hendrickson centered over the heel of one leg while using the other as a kickstand. One hand is placed on the hip and the other hangs off of the Lats. You should flare your Lats out and crunch your abs while keeping the chest up to appear more muscluar.

Back Pose

The Men's Physique Back Pose is very similar to the Men's Bodybuilding Rear Relaxed. Lats are completely flared allowing the arms to hang off of them. The lower back is tightened by leaning back and also tilting the pelvis back and upwards. Keep your chest lifted and feet shoulder width.

Alternative Front Pose

This is another way to perform a Men's Physique Front Pose. The weight is now centered on Brandon's other heel and he is facing the opposite direction. Both hands are on his hips vs one hand on the hip. With both hands on his hips, his rear shoulder appears more round. 

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