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Classic Physique

In Classic Physique, judges will look for a combination of muscularity and conditioning within a physique that holds muscular separation, symmetry, proportions, a small waist and flow. 

Classic Physique is meant to represent the physiques of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. This division is divided by height/weight and has 9 mandatory poses. This fairly new division has grown tremendously since being introduced into the sport. It has also helped bridge a gap between the Bodybuilding and Physique divisions.

Front Relaxed

The Front Relaxed will be the judges first look at a competitor. It's important to give a best first impression. Feet will be shoulder width, heels turned inside, driving them into the ground. Knees turned outside, tilting your pelvis backwards and up to help contract your Rectus Femoris. Chest pushed up, with lats fully expanding, resting arms on lats.

Quarter Turn Facing Right

The Quarter Turn pose takes a lot of flexibility in the waist/abdomen. The key is to hold everything from your waist down sideways while rotating from the torso up toward the judges. This will give the illusion of a much smaller waist, while appearing broad and thick throughout your torso. Try to keep shoulders, elbows and hands in line and symmetrical.

Rear Relaxed

The Rear Relaxed pose displays the complete posterior side of your physique. Structure will be similar to the Front Relaxed, but instead of contracting the quads you will pull your heels upward to contract the hamstrings. Tighten the glutes, tilt back engaging your lower back and full expand while keeping your chest pushed out.

Quarter Turn Facing Left

Just like your Quarter Turn Facing Right pose, you will stagger the feet. Foot closest to the judges in front. This helps keep your hips from opening up too much. Torso rotated toward the judges through the rib cage and point elbows in front and behind you. Keep your Obliques and Abs tight the whole time you're performing this pose.

Front Double Bicep

There's many different ways to hit the Front Double Bicep in the Men's Classic Physique division. One popular way being vacuumed, leaned to one side with one arm slightly above the other. Your structure and shape will be the main dictator as to how you hit yours.

Side Chest

The Side Chest begins with your lower body facing sideways. Toe planted in the middle of the base foot. To give a thick, broad look be sure to keep arms pressed up against the body while opening toward the judges through the rib cage,

Rear Double Bicep

In the Rear Double Bicep, Judges will look for well developed back, glute and hamstrings with good muscular separation. This pose is one of the hardest to execute. You must be able to tilt back through your lower back while rotating your shoulders externally. To fully expand, spread your shoulder blades apart and keep your hands directly above your biceps. To contract the hamstrings, pull your heels upwards as if you're performing a hamstring curl.

Abdominal Thigh

The Classic Physique Abdominal Thigh is very similar to the Men's Bodybuilding Abdominal Thigh. Although, it's not required, most classic competitors extend one leg in this pose. As seen, hands behind head, elbows pointed to the sky and lats flared out giving a nice taper.

Favorite Classic

The Favorite Classic Pose is just as it sounds. There's plenty of poses that you could use for this pose. The one shown is an Abdominal Bicep Pose. The footing is similar to a Classic Front Double Bicep. Weight planted on the heel of one leg and the other leg extended, driving the toe into the ground. One arm in above the head and the other flexing your bicep. The key in this pose is to create flow from your lats to your waist by leaning and sitting on the hip.

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